II. Powder drug treatment of pigs, chickens, ducks, quails)

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    • 1.AMDO-C Soluble powder, mix food or drink special phase treatment of respiratory, intestinal diseases and weather conditions

      Product Code: AMDO-C
      Usage :

      APPLICATION: - Pig: Prevent and treat respiratory diseases (cough, pneumonia, bronchitis and laryngitis), intestinal diseases (Paratyphoid, bacillary dysentery, enteritis, diarrhea with white mucus, diarrhea with yellow mucus), genital and urethral diseases (vaginitis, metritis, mastitis, nephristis, cystitis), joint and blood sugar diseases (arthritis, cringe, spot, pasteurellosis).

      -         Chicken: Chronic respiratory disease CRD, infectious runny nose, pasteurellosis, paratyphoid.

      Duck: infectious sinusitis, head edema, white droppings.

      Ingredients: (in 1kg): Doxycyline 14g, Ampiciline 20g, Vitamin C 20g.
      Usage :

      - Treatment: 100g for 50kg of feed

      - Prevention: 100g for 100kg of feed

      Specification: 5g, 100g, 500g,1kg
    • 5.MENBEN: Powder feed mixing rates drop new generation

      Product Code: MENBEN
      Usage :

      - Kill parasitic worms in the intestine of pigs, chickens, ducks to avoid surinfection

      -   Specially treat duck tumor

      -   Highly effect on tapeworms, worms and larva such as:

      ascarid, filaria, hairworms, hookworm, pinworm, nematode, cestode worm,.. 

      Ingredients: Menbendazol 30g (in1kg)
      Usage :

      - Pigs: 1 bag 25g/100kg weight

                        - Chickens, ducks: 1 bag 25gam/75kg weight

                        - Dogs: 1 bag 25g/50kg weight

      Specification: 5g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 500g

      Usage :

      - Remedy duck paralysis

      Ingredients: NEOSULFAZYM 100g, TECOLI 100g, VITA 100g
      Usage :

      * Mixed with drinking water or feed

                         * Disease prevention: Regularly use:

                        - 1 pack 300g/600kg weight (equivalent to 100 ducks of 1-5 weeks old or 500 ducks of from 5 weeks old on)

                        - Mixed with drinking water: 1 pack 300g/150liter of drinking water

                        - Mixed with feed: 1 pack 300g/100kg of feed


                        * Disease treatment: when ducks get ill, usage dose is doubled, constantly use for 5 days.

      Specification: 300g/pack (30 packs/box)