II. Powder drug treatment of pigs, chickens, ducks, quails)

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    • 1.AMDO-C Soluble powder, mix food or drink special phase treatment of respiratory, intestinal diseases and weather conditions

      Product Code: AMDO-C
      Usage :

      APPLICATION: - Pig: Prevent and treat respiratory diseases (cough, pneumonia, bronchitis and laryngitis), intestinal diseases (Paratyphoid, bacillary dysentery, enteritis, diarrhea with white mucus, diarrhea with yellow mucus), genital and urethral diseases (vaginitis, metritis, mastitis, nephristis, cystitis), joint and blood sugar diseases (arthritis, cringe, spot, pasteurellosis).

      -         Chicken: Chronic respiratory disease CRD, infectious runny nose, pasteurellosis, paratyphoid.

      Duck: infectious sinusitis, head edema, white droppings.

      Ingredients: (in 1kg): Doxycyline 14g, Ampiciline 20g, Vitamin C 20g.
      Usage :

      - Treatment: 100g for 50kg of feed

      - Prevention: 100g for 100kg of feed

      Specification: 5g, 100g, 500g,1kg
    • 2.AMOX-COLI SP :Soluble powder, mix food or drink special challenge to effectively treat E. coli in chickens, ducks, quail

      Product Code: 2.AMOX-COLI SP
      Usage :

      Specially treat E.coli diseases of chicken, duck and quail. Prevent and treat diseases of digestion, respiration, genital tract, inflammation, infection of cattle, poultry caused by virus Stretococci, Hacmophilus spp, Pasteurella spp, E.coli, Salmonella spp…

      Ingredients: Amoxcillin trihtdrate 200g, Colistin sulphate 600,000,000 UI (in 1kg)
      Usage :

      Mixed with feed or drinking water, constantly use for 3-5 days

                  - Cattle: 1g/10kg weight

                  - Poultry: 1/4liter of drinking water, 1g/10kg weight

      Specification: 5g,50g,100g,500g
    • 3.AMOX - SP: soluble powder, mix food or drink special treatment phase of haemorrhagic septicemia and genital infections in birds laying

      Product Code: AMOX - SP
      Usage :

      Prevent and treat infectious respiration disease, digestive infection disease of cattle and poultry, effectively effect on virus gram (+) and gram (-). Effectively special treatment to pasteurellosis (purple head) of poultry and genital tract infection disease of breeding chicken and duck

      Ingredients: Amoxcillin trihtdrate 200g (in 1kg)
      Usage :

      Mixed with feed and  mixed with water to drink once a day, constantly use for 5-7 days following dose: 1g/10kg weight, or 1g/1litre of drinking water, or 1g/1kg of feed

      Specification: 100g, 500g, 5kg
    • 4.DOXY - SP: soluble powder, mixed-phase feed or drinking water treatment of diseases caused by Salmonella

      Product Code: DOXY – SP
      Usage :

      - Prevent and treat flu infection, white droppings, coryza and E.coli infection, CRD or CRD coupled with E.coli.

      - Efficiently special treatment to dysentery of chicken, duck, white dysentery of chicken, duck, red dysentery of chicken, duck and other diseases caused by Salmonella.

      Ingredients: Doxycycline HCL 200g (in 1kg)
      Usage :

      Mixed with feed or water to drink once a day following dose:

       - Disease prevention: 1g/4liters of drinking water or 1g/2kg of feed or 1g/20kg weight, regularly use during epidemic season.

       - Disease treatment: 1g/2liters of drinking water or 1g/1kg of feed or 1g/10kg weight, constantly use for 3-5 days.

      Specification: 5g,50g,100g,500g
    • 5.MENBEN: Powder feed mixing rates drop new generation

      Product Code: MENBEN
      Usage :

      - Kill parasitic worms in the intestine of pigs, chickens, ducks to avoid surinfection

      -   Specially treat duck tumor

      -   Highly effect on tapeworms, worms and larva such as:

      ascarid, filaria, hairworms, hookworm, pinworm, nematode, cestode worm,.. 

      Ingredients: Menbendazol 30g (in1kg)
      Usage :

      - Pigs: 1 bag 25g/100kg weight

                        - Chickens, ducks: 1 bag 25gam/75kg weight

                        - Dogs: 1 bag 25g/50kg weight

      Specification: 5g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 500g
    • 6.NEO - SULFAZYM: soluble powder, mix food or drink special challenge coccidiosis treated pigs, chickens, ducks, quail

      Product Code: NEO – SULFAZYM
      Usage :

      - Specially treat diseases caused by cocci, diseases caused by E.coli and Pseudomonas.

      - Pigs: Diseases caused by cocci – diarrhea with white droppings, yellow droppings and blood, enteritis, paratyphoid – diseases on eyes – arthritis – pneumonia – pasteurellosis, metritis, nail inflammation.

      - Chickens: Diseases caused by cocci – diarrhea, paratyphoid – chronic respiration

      - Ducks: white dropping, nose sinusitis

      Ingredients: Neomycine 10g, Trimethoprime 18g
      Usage :

      Use each bag 100g for 200kg weight or mixed with 20 liter of water

      Specification: 100g, 500g, 1 kg.