III. Fostering powder drug for pigs, chickens, ducks, quails

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    • 22.SOW GENERAL

      Product Code: SOW GENERAL
      Usage :

       Fully supply in balance types of essential tonic during nursing sows and their fetuses like: vitamin group B, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin H. The product helps gilts develop well, have high conception rate, nurse the fetuses well, not get fever milk, farrow easily; helps sow raise its piglets healthily without weak legs, cracked nails; helps piglets be farrowed healthily, grow fast, get ruddy, especially not get diarrhea,..   

      Ingredients: MF6 450g, MF SUPER 500g, ESEL 100g, VIOPEROS 200g, SAROLYSINE 500g (in 1kg)
      Usage :

      5 packs mixed with 200kg of general feed, using regularly

      Specification: 1.75kg/pack (15packs/bag)
    • 28.HEMO SET

      Product Code: HEMO SET
      Usage :

      - Help animals gain weight quickly, have heavy weight, good appearance, smooth feathers, red crest, solid meat, delicious meat, yellow legs and skin.

      Ingredients: MF SUPER 500g, MF6 Mini 450g, SAROLYSINE 500g, HEMO SET 1kg
      Usage :

      - 1 pack mixed with 100-200 kg of feed, continuously use 15 days before going to market. 

      Specification: 2.45kg/pack (10 sets/box)