VIII. Products for cattle

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    • 1.MF-BLOCK

      Product Code: MF-BLOCK
      Usage :

      - Help great cattle develop well, its bone is strong

      -   Help dairy cows give much milk with high quality


      -   Prevent paralytic disease before and after breeding, weak legs, weak and brittle bone of the great cattle


      -   Prevent and treat nail inflammation, arthritis and anemia due to lack of mineral

      Ingredients: Vitamin A 100,000UI, vitamin D D3 50,000 UI, vitamin E 500 UI; mineral Ca 60,000mg, Mg 10,000mg, Fe 5,000mg, Mn 5000mg, Zn 5,000mg, Co 100mg, lod 100 mg. Se 50mg (in 1kg)
      Usage :

      Put or suspend lick rocks in the barn or yard, the place where has its covered roof for cattle easy to contact, avoiding rain and sun directly. It is the best for lick rocks to be suspended at the height of 0.8-1.2m from the ground of the barn.

      Specification: 1,8kg