VII. Disinfectants and others

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    • 3.SAVIDO

      Product Code: SAVIDO
      Usage :

      - It is an optimal disinfectant medicine which is convenient to use, easy to disinfect and antidotal.

      - Protect people, cattle and poultry safely, not cause environmental pollution

      - Kill all virus, bacterium, bacteria spore, mold causing diseases on cattle, poultry.

      Ingredients: PVP iodine 100g (in 1 solution liter)
      Usage :

      - Disinfect barns at particular time, be antidotal for means of transport, disinfect incubators and tools: mixed 2ml/1liter water, spray on means of transport, barns, and soak tools in 20 minutes. Spray 1 time at particular period of 15 days.

                        - Disinfect barns when epidemic happens: mixed 5mil/1liter  water, spray for 2-3 m2 barn, 1 time per day, spray for continuous 7 days

                        - Sterilize drinking water: mixed 1ml/1 liter water, give cattle a drink 30 minute after mixing medicine.

                        - Disinfect wound outside skin: directly apply medicine to wound

                        - Be antidotal for died animal body, dropping pit and disinfected pit: 10ml/1litter, spray on died animal body, animal droppings.

      Specification: 80ml,500ml, 1 lít.